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This year, we had Aunt Barbara, our grandparents from Tennessee, Uncle Jonathon, and Aunt Rebecca over for Thanksgiving. We had turkey and all the trimmings on Thanksgiving day, and we played touch football afterwards. Anyways, we had a great Thanksgiving and I hope whoever is reading this did too!

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Christmastime is here…

I don’t know about you guys but it seems to me that Christmas starts earlier every year. People put up decorations, stores sell Christmas items, and people go shopping a month before Christmas actually occurs! Back when my grandparents were kids, they would all go out shopping on Christmas Eve and wrap everything that night. Unfortunately, over the years, the marketing business decided to lengthen the time when stores could sell Christmas items. That way, longer shopping season = more stuff gets sold. Ah well, life goes on. By the way, Merry Christmas (early)!

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This is my first time using, and even though this is actually for a Communication merit badge for my scouts, I am not just going to include three articles. In this blog, which I will hopefully remember to update, I will include my thoughts on different things I’ve been doing lately. I try to make things as interesting as possible so you don’t get bored. Enjoy looking around my site!

Caleb Norman

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