Reflection on Rain



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As I write this, rain pours down outside. On the whole, I don’t mind rain; but it’s not my kind of weather. ‘A day for ducks!’ is a phrase that aptly describes today. After some new fallen snow and a cold front, it has become unseasonably warm for January. As the snow melts, puddles and mud take its place.

Rain is one of God’s creations, just as snow is. The weather, what affects it, is so awesome when you think about it. Recently in biology I learned that there really are no ‘simple creatures.’ Even the simplest of beings that God has made is so intricate, so perfectly designed that it takes my breath away. God created everything from the smallest amoeba, to the tallest oak, to the hottest star, to the most beautiful soul of man. As we live our lives with everyday cares, worries, and decisions, sometimes we forget to look up. We get so caught up in stuff that-once we go to live with Christ-won’t even matter! We continue with doing our business, content with the humdrum when God offers us so much more! In both peaceful and troubled times, God is there guiding us. He  says in his word “I will never leave you nor forsake you” over seven different times! If God really cares about us that much, will He not keep His word?

Many times, over the past few days, weeks, and months, I have had troubles both physically and mentally. But God has, and will continue to help me through them, and at the end? The sun always shines through. So back to the subject of rain. What physical rain does is provide the sustenance plants need to carry on with their lives. So while we may not know it at the time of our trial, God may be providing us with the skills we will later need in our spiritual walk. So don’t hate the rain, praise God for it. Most of all, know that He loves you and wants only the best for you. Maybe if I keep telling myself as much as I tell others, I’ll get it.

In Christ,


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2 thoughts on “Reflection on Rain

  1. Amen! Needed to read this today 🙂

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